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Flurry of Activity

Saturday, 16 December 2017

Spent most of yesterday sorting and packing clothing for our trip. It was difficult to decide what was essential and bearing in mind there will be four flights before we board the ship. A lot of the gear has not been previously worn and most likely won't be worn again. The luggage weight limitation continues to play on my mind.

All our social engagements are now completed. I find most people want to know if I'm excited. Not sure how to answer that. Dreading the long flights between New Zealand and Argentina. Some concern about the weather and sea state in Antarctica. Impatient to get started, I'm ready to go. Nothing I can do about any of that

Our local weather has turned on a scorcher with the temperature touching the high thirties. There will need to be some adjusting as we get closer to our destination.

Just completed my trial pack, looks like I'll make the luggage weight limit. Just hope everything is in the bag.

My next entry is likely to be from the hotel in Buenos Aires, it will depend on how I pull up after the flight

I'll take a break now and recheck the bag 8

Have a great Christmas and enjoy the New Year. Stay healthy and safe.
Cheers .. Tony

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Final Documentation

Sunday, 10 December 2017

We have printed off the many pages for our itinerary. Looks like we are all set with just over a week to go.

The pace of our social life has kicked up a notch with at least one event almost every day. Add to that a sprinkling of medical appointments and there just isn't time to write this story.

A lot has happened and I'm confident that all necessary preparations are on track, just have to remember to organise a taxi for Monday morning.

We still have to do a trial pack to see if we can meet the maximum weight number for one leg of the trip. If the worst happens we'll just have to pay fee and keep smiling.

I've no idea how good the satellite connection will be from that remote part of the globe. I may not be able to achieve my regular frequency of blog postings.

Have a great Christmas and enjoy the New Year. Stay healthy and safe.

Cheers .. Tony

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About 100 Days To Go

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Decided it was about time I set up my regular travel blog for our next adventure. The Itinerary is short but the distances are enormous.
Below is the outline itinerary.

MON 18-Dec-17 CBR to SYD to AKL to EZE
TUE 19-Dec-17 Day tour of Buenos Aires
WED 20-Dec-17 Estancia Santa Susana
THU 21-Dec-17 Fly to Ushuaia
FRI 22-Dec-17 Board the MS Expedition
SAT 23-Dec-17 Cross the Drake Passage
SUN 24-Dec-17 Cross the Drake Passage
MON 25-Dec-17 Antarctic Peninsula
TUE 26-Dec-17 Sth Shetland Is
WED 27-Dec-17 Polar Circle Crossing
THU 28-Dec-17 Polar Circle Crossing
FRI 29-Dec-17 Sth Shetland Is
SAT 30-Dec-17 Antarctic Peninsula
SUN 31-Dec-17 Antarctic Peninsula
MON 1-Jan-18 Cross the Drake Passage
TUE 2-Jan-18 Cross the Drake Passage
WED 3-Jan-18 Disembark USH to EZE
THU 4-Jan-18 EZE to AKL to SYD
FRI 5-Jan-18 SYD to CBR

Posted this to start the process of recording significant steps along the way.

Flights and the expedition are paid for, special clothing has been purchased, we have to purchase an Argentina's a certificate of Reciprocity fee and the all important medical certificate from our doctor.

More to come as milestones are reached,

Stay healthy and travel safely.
Cheers ... Tony

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